Solar Wind Tales of Shattered Earth Oil Painting and Limited Edition Print from book of short science fiction stories

The Girl Who Remembered Fish
(From the book of short stories, "1st Tales from Shattered Earth")
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor
The air was an especially strident purple that day, the lanes of continual pizza delivery vehicles streaked past in their pathetic effort to keep up with demand, something that they failed continually to manage, even though theirs was the only traffic on the clutterway having bought outright the right to use exclusively the clutterway by paying top-credit toll fees. Still, there was nothing the populace wouldn't give up to maintain access to pizza home delivery, even the use of their own personal vehicles.
They'd given up working hard, given up talking, and now they'd given up eating anything, except pizza.
As such, there was tuna pizza, spaghetti pizza, steak pizza (replica, of course) cream bun pizza, lettuce pizza, coca-de-cola pizza, and many many morish varieties besides.
They'd also learned to take their medicine in a recreational way, with senapod pizza, aspirin pizza and anti-blood pressure pizza.
There was even a pizza-pizza to remind people that once, a long time ago, the world had only one basic pizza and pineapple was, generally, something you ate after a meal and not as part of a main meal.
Now though, there were even smoked kipper pizzas.
Josie looked out at the blue spires and the streaming pizza trucks snaking around them, the spiky spires of the pizza world dwellers.
Between pizzas she filled her time with trawling thru an ancient electronic archive dating from the pre-mandolin pizza era that her grandmother had left her on her tablet device. She loved inserting arbitrary sounds that might once have been words in a language nobody much recalled anymore into the built-in audio search engine.
Did you mean kipperfish? asked the search engine.
What was a fish, she wondered?
"Gold fish?"

Peter Andrew Jones 1st Tales of Shattered earth
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Deborah Susan Jones

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