Solar Wind The Survivors Science Fiction Oil Painting and Limited Edition Print and book of illustrations
6x8 inches (16x20 cm)
Oil & Acrylic on Wood Panel

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(From the book "1st Tales from Shattered Earth")
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor & Contributing writer
"Grey" was one of the original icon-sized  oil and acrylic paintings created for the experimental  e-commerce project  of the early 1990s with Barclays bank called "Barclaycoin", an early attempt to create a reliable system for online purchases.
The concept, in order to test run it, was the creation of an online magazine called "Tales from Shattered Earth", a series of illustrated short stories written and illustrated by the artist.
The experimental division of Barclays Bank created a downloadable "wallet" which could have money transferred into it from either a debit card or a credit card, typically for small price purchases of fifty pence and the concept was principally focussed on small ticket sales, thus it was that you could purchase the right to read one of the stories or a collection.
The system worked fine, but Barclays eventually abandoned the project in the face of further developments in the e-commerce area which eventually evolved into the on-line shopping carts that we are all familiar with today.
The stories eventually were repackaged as a collector's printed luxury book available from our bookstore here.
Deborah Susan Jones

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