Solar Wind Simulacra Oil Painting and Limited Edition Print of a roleplay game illustration

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Grey Master (Alien)
(From the book "Solar Wind Volume 3")
Originally created for the groundbreaking "TALES OF SHATTERED EARTH" Internet e-commerce project with Barclays Bank which in the early 90's test-ran very early trials of how to conduct online payments for downloadable intellectual properties, such as books and music.
"GREY MASTER" illustrated the story titled "Transgenic Initiation" where what seems on one level to be an alien abduction is a cloak for a far deeper, soul-troubling experience. At the time of writing the Artist was suffering from a very short-lived but excruciatingly painful health problem which coincided coincidentally with research into various experiences suffered by UFO abductees, especially those who had been subjected to painful experiments.
"On the edge of extreme pain the mind can penetrate areas of thinking, consciousness, that it does not enter normally. There are "other zones of experience", living even, beyond what we do from day to day. It is pretty scary on the edge of oblivion. Pain, to the point where one cannot function, can take you to "other places" and it got me to pondering how much of the abductees recollections are to do with actual physical transportation or in fact tranportation on a mental plane? I found, even with my vivid imagination, that the "edge of extreme pain" was like taking a transcendental trip, a tantric realisation of all that is, and, enlightening though it was, I'd very much prefer not to go there again.
"In the story, I expressed it as a young child having its doll taken away, by, who knows, an adult maybe, or another child, or even it may have been broken by the child itself. In any event, a schism induced by sudden shock, a "pain", causes a trauma that causes a de-bonding with the world, because the child realises, at too early an age, that a doll is just a doll, whereas feelings, emotions, are for life, or, depending on your belief structure, forever . . . . .
"The experience, and the writings, changed my approach to art because I realised "a picture is just  a picture" in terms of the paint used, a technical expertise, and without the soul, the lifeforce, the personality, the picture would be blank of meaning and power even if it had paint all over the surface.
"Up until this experience, I have to say, I'd never really thought about, let alone understood, my own creativity at any time, it was something that "I'd always done" without question, and later in life, success as an illustrator meant I was always very, very busy, so I never had time to stop and consider the issue. One can be successful on one level yet completely unaware on another, it seems . . . . .
"These days, since then, I always ponder exactly why I am painting any particular picture, even though paradoxically I also prefer not to delve too deeply into it, afraid, perhaps, of the answer . . . . ?
"I often wonder if those who have had near-death experiences visited the same places I did, or similar nearby zones, or had completely different experiences?
"The experience left me with the view that "most things are not important and some things are not important at all" though this is not a negative expression, more a Tantric view, sort of, kind of, maybe, perhaps, if you see what I mean?"
One of 12 short Dark Science Fiction stories that revolve around themes of urban life "from a time not so far away" alienation, and psychological displacement are central themes, where the local shopping mall and a pram-pushing young mom are as dangerous as alien visitors from, wherever . .
The stories eventually were repackaged as a collector's printed luxury book here >  "TALES OF SHATTERED EARH"
Deborah Susan Jones

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