Solar Wind Dark Icons Oil Painting and Limited Edition Print of a horror illustration

Dark Energy (The Shee)
(From the book "Dark Icons")
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor
One of a series of paintings created in the early 90s as an exploration of the idea of energy as a force that can live in objects and artifacts.
Arrow books in London had begun publishing Joe Donnelly's horror books and the company wanted a book cover treatment that diverted the viewer, and reader, from the specific content of the story and instead towards a feeling and mood when seeing the cover, and the images that Peter had been creating for his own purposes easily worked in tandem with Arrow's aims, and so the two became united as marketing treatment for Joe's books and this painting was licensed as the cover art for Donnelly's book, The Shee.
These "dark" pictures were possibly triggered by Peter's previous involvement with the Target Games release of Kult , a roleplay game concept, and his visualisations for their products, and, these pictures, which were quite a departure from his harder edged science fiction works, had more of a moody and painterly treatment in parts and this traveled on into a series of his own initiatives though they ten ended up on publications in the final event.
As the years went by, and the artist's involvements in differing areas of genre publishing accumulated, from hard edged 70s science fiction, through carefully planned multiple piece constructs for mainstream and industrial television scenes, to gigantic pieces for film posters, to more avant garde horror pieces and the many, many roleplay games covers he became such a powerhouse studio for, all accumulated into a vast palette of techniques, skills and methods of working that eventually gave him so much more command of the picture making process than he could have imagined when he began his career.
These "dark" horror images live on today as they find their influential way into contemporary works where the artist can call upon the experience gained in the 90s and use it in areas of current works when deemed appropriate.

Deborah Susan Jones

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