Solar Wind Tales of Shattered Earth Oil Painting and Limited Edition Print from book of short science fiction stories

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Falcon at the end of time
(From the book of short stories, "1st Tales from Shattered Earth")
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor
"Last in the multi-book ‘Falcon’ series published by Sphere Books in the UK, written by Mark Smith and Jamie Thompson. This was a very unusual picture, even by Peter’s standards of variety and contrasting iconography!
The compositioning was quite a challenge with a very tight space into which multiple items had to be placed. Each had to be dynamic in nature. Probably Peter’s interest in aviation, especially military aviation of the WWII era which has, by default, a connection with other military equipment and vehicles such as tanks, aided him in rendering both historically accurate and imaginative futuristic elements.
The plot
(taken from the back cover of the Sphere paperback)  >
"Trap door through time!
Fate has hurled you into a vortex of unbelievable horror - a vital flaw in the fabric of time that sends everything that has ever been or ever will be plummeting towards the cosmic scrapheap that marks the very end of time. Impossible creatures from ten millions years ago - or hence - hurtle past as you struggle to escape your onward plunge into oblivion. The slightest error of judgement on your part, or a momentary hesitation, and all will be lost - and you'll never again be able to find your way back through that terrifying trapdoor in time!"

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Deborah Susan Jones

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