Peter Andrew Jones Solar Wind Oil Painting and Original prelims drawings
The ultimate collectors luxury editions contain original archive drawings in either graphite or meralpoint taken from the artist's personal archives. Sewn into the book and artist-signatured they are the ultimate in quality collectible books.

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The ultimate collectors luxury editions. Limited edition, giclee printed, handmade, paint encrusted hardback cover, wraparound dust jacket, original archive drawing in the title page, presentation box artist signed.

The Cool War
(From the book "solar Wind volume 2")
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor
Oil & Acrylic on Wood Panel created for the 1982 edition by Corgi Books.
A science fiction story written by Frederik Pohl,  an American writer, published by Del Rey Books in 1981 and then published by Corgi Books in the UK in the late 1980s.Tiger Tiger Peter Andrew Jones Penguin Books
In a world reduced to absolute crisis, with the major loss of fossil fuels, Solar power becomes a significant yet insufficient replacement power source.
Homes are severely regulated and metered and even  cut off if a home exceeds a permitted maximum amount of energy usage.
Excess use of electricity is actually  a crime.
The lead protagonist. the Rev. H. Hornswell Hake becomes embroiled in "the Cool War" where countries try to inflict damage on other's economies through sabotage, often undercover it they are, on the surface, appearing to be cooperative allies.
War has produced entities who profit from the crisis and they even sabotage potential energy solutions that might solve humanity's problems for their own gain.

Deborah Susan Jones

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