Peter Andrew Jones Dark Science Ficton & Horror Tales of Shattered Earth

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"Song of Iron"
(From the book "1st Tales of Shatterred Earth")
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor
One of the pioneering illustrations from the series of short Science Fiction stories that appeared on the web a decade or so ago that formed a prototype electronic commerce project with Barclays bank in the UK. At that time, it was impossible to trade in small amounts of money electronically over the web and the Bank was experimenting with the idea of a downloadable electronic wallet for use with a credit card. Peter wrote and illustrated the stories that were encrypted web pages synced to the "Barclaycoin" technology, and it worked!

Peter Andrew Jones Solar Wind Tales of Shatterred Earth Book
Tales of Shattered Earth Edge of Unison Peter Andrew Jones"When they came, they came in their thousands and thousands, possibly even the millions, erupting from dark space like pustules on the surface of a newborn baby or some aquatic disease that had bubbled up from the seabed to burst upon the surface of the World. Yes. This time we were ready for them, rather than wait for them to wreak their special brand of destruction and devastaion upon us we went out to Dark Space. When they emerged from the yellow pustule that was their dimension's probe into ours, they assembled, they clustered, they sheathed the World, denied it light. So far it was the forests that had suffered worst though men and animals were certainly feeling the effects of a dramatic loss of light.
"It was chaos . . . . . . . . . . "
At the end of the project the stories lay dormant about a decade, then we began assembling them into a book . . . . . .
Deborah Susan Jones

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