Solar Wind Oil Painting and Limited Edition Print and book illustration
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A Time to Die
Peter Andrew Jones The Complete Enchanter
(From the book "Solar Wind 2")

By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor & Contributing writer
Time to Die
A short story by Murray Leinster written 1n 1947.
Leinster enjoyed playing with the idea of time travel and in this story, a very clever murderer, using time travel, sets out to avoid death row by traveling back in time.
Born on 16th June 1896, and whose real name was William Fitzgerald Jenkins, "Murray Leinster" was  a extraordinarily productive American writer and with at least 1,500 short stories and articles, 14 movie scripts, and hundreds of radio scripts and television plays to his name and was responsible for an enormous creative output in the science fiction field.
He died in June 1975 two years before Peter created this painting for the cover for the Corgi Books edition of "The Best of Murray Leinster" edited by J.J. Pierce which contains the story "Time to Die" and also appears in our own anthology of Peter's Science Fiction works "Solar Wind 2".
Peter says >
"It was a privilege to paint an interpretation of one of the stories in this collection and I loved indulging in the sheer pulp magazine nature of it!"

Deborah Susan

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