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How Peter began painting rural scenes is simple, even if it sounds daft.
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor
Peter has painted fantasy Dragons galore: fire breathing dragons, dragon slayers, magic dragons, water dragons, double dragons, dragon legends, dragon pictures of every kind - dragon lairs and. well, you name it, pictures for dragon tales of probably every kind.
Popular, very successful, dragon (or dragon-like beasties) printings: many used on paperbacks with the odd magazine thrown in and of course computer games covers, boardgames, trading cards and even a Japanese telephone carda rough list from memory includes but is not limited to >

Dawn on the Dragons (twice!) - paperback
The warlock of Firetop Mountain (three times! - paperback
Dungeon Quest (role-play game)
Dracula lives (magazine interior)
The Crystal Gryphon - paperback
Black Tiger (computer game cover)
Sleeping Gods Lie - paperback
The Dungeons of Torgar - paperback
Legends of Lone Wolf - paperback
Dream Park - paperback
The Demon Lord - paperback
Shadow on the Sand - paperback
Myth Direction - paperback
We dealt with so many companies around the world who licensed the work from us perhaps too numerous to name but a few and here's a short list for those interested >

Beaver Books (UK)
Merlin Publishing Trading Cards
Little, Brown & Co (UK)
Berkeley Books (U.S.A.)
Tokyo Sogen Sha
Penguin Books (UK)
Puffin Books (UK)
Dilia (Czech Republic)
Editions Gallimard (France)
Magveto Konyvkiado (Hungary)
Supernova (Portugal)
Altea (Spain)
Borgens Forlag (Denmark)
Otava (Finland)
Raogjafar (Iceland)
Schibsteds (Norway)
Raben an Sjoten (Sweden)
Shakai Shisho Sha (Japan)
Tuttle Mori Agency, Japan
Target games (Sweden)
US Gold
Edizioni E. Elle (Italy)
Red Fox, (UK)
Federal Publications (Malaysia)
Marques Saraiva (Brazil)
Futura (UK)
Am Oved (Israel)
Century Publications (UK)
Games Workshop (UK)
S.A.F.S. (Czech Republic)
Perseus Publications (Czech Republic)
and probably more I can't recall!
When Peter made the decision to become "self-published" in 1999 it did not, and has not, seen the end of dragon paintings . . . . . . .
He included dragons in his book "Paintings of Ludlow" which, though about a rural town in the County of Shropshire in rural England, is steeped in the Arthurian legend and the very roots of that legend are in the prophesy concerning "the Red Dragon of Wales and the White Dragon of England" and that too has lead to some newer works being created in the studio right now.
To our great satisfaction these dragon art pictures remain as popular as ever.
Deborah Susan Jones : Editor

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