Solar Wind Heroes & Villains Captives of Kaag original art Oil Painting and Limited Edition Print of a roleplay game illustration

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The Captives of Kaag
(From the book "Heroes & Villains")
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor & Contributing Writer
The Captives of Kaag is number 14 from the Legends of Lone Wolf book series of role play games books written by author Joe Dever.
The painting was first created for the Solar Wind Picture Library, a licensing division of our company Solar Wind, in 1990, and licensed to Red Fox Books in the UK in February of that same year and in the same month the following year to Edizioni E. Elle in Italy, and Italian publisher we enjoyed a very close working relationship with.
Peter Andrew Jones Solar Wind Heroes & Villains The Captives of KaagJoe Dever, author of the book series, kept in close communication with Peter at our London studio throughout the process of creating this and many other images for the Red Fox book series and it was a fantastically creative relationship and working process.
The fresh input of role play games concepts, fused with all Peter's previous successes in Science Fiction and Fantasy book cover design, even his time as a student at St. Martins School of Art, where his strongest influence was probably  still Salvador Dali, an artist that Peter spent hours studying at the Tate Gallery even as a child - the whole of this visual background  produced the imaginative, characteristic and deeply descriptive mode of creating illustration after illustration for Joe Dever's incredibly imaginative series.
The studio was always a-buzz with writers from the genre,  phoning, visiting and if not bsed in the UK, faxing and phoning - Steve Jackson, Ian Livingstone, Mark Smith and Jamie Thompson were studio visitors, David Hickling and Perry HInton, Dan Glimne at Brio/Alga - all these role-play games authors and more, Peter Andrew Jones Solar Wind Heroes & Villains The Captives of Kaagpassed through or were closely involved in the studio's process of creating these legendary and famous role-play games works.
You can share in the exprience, with a copy of the luxury  edition of our HEROES & VILLAINS book and indulge in a visual treat, a whole host of Peter's role play art, from Lone Wolf to Fighting Fantasy, Starflight Zero, The Falcon series, Kult and more!

Deborah Susan Jones

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