Solar Wind Simulacra Oil Painting and Limited Edition Print of a roleplay game illustration

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Sun Soarers
(From the book "Solar Wind Volume 2")
This painting was created in 1979 as the original proposal for the very first Solar Wind book edition, then published by Dragon's World Ltd in 1980.
Surprised? .
"I had created it as the cover but, after a discussion with Roger Dean (Views book, Yes rock band covers and director of Dragon's World Publishers) in my Fulham Road basement studio, I decided instead, at his suggestion, to create a variant of my popular Protector book cover. 
"Amusingly, as the Solar Wind book was ready to go to press, time was very, very short (no, really, there's a change!) and so I was in the deja-vu situation of having to do exactly what I'd done when I created the original UK Protector book cover . . . .
"I shut myself in the studio, with a week's supply of food, decent Havana cigars, plenty of Rolling Stones albums, and sufficient paint.
"A very satisfying but exhausting week later the cover art was complete, and off I rushed, on theTube from Putney Bridge to Covent Garden to get it shot on 5x4 inch transparency for Roger.
"Myth dispelled?"
Deborah Susan Jones
Contributing editor

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