Solar Wind Simulacra Oil Painting and Limited Edition Print of a roleplay game illustration

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The Makeshift Rocket
(From the book "Solar Wind Volume 2")
A cover painting created for Hamlyn Books in the UK in 1978.
A somewhat crazy but entertaining story of the false quarantine of the spaceship 'Mercury Girl' on the planetoid Grendel, which had been overtaken by members of the Irish revolutionary Shamrock Expeditionaries. Knud Axel Syrup, the ship’s engineer, has to find a way off the planetoid. He enlists help from a six-legged lederhosen attired alien called Sarmishkidu Von Himmelschnidt, and a female dancer called Emily Croft and manages to build the first beer-powered spaceship to escape Grendel!
(Yes, really, a beer powered spaceship . . . . .)
"It “seemed obvious to the artist that ”a spaceship image was definitely needed.“
Deborah Susan Jones
Contributing editor

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