Solar Wind The Garden of Dreams Science Fiction Oil Painting and Limited Edition Print and book of illustrations

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"The Garden of Dreams"
(From the book "Solar Wind Book Vol.2")
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor & Contributing writer
"The Garden of Dreams" is a parallel piece to "The KIller Mice".
The Killer Mice is a novel by Kit Reed published by Corgi Books in Great Britain in 1978 illustrated by the artist.
Peter Andrew Jones Solar Wind The Killer MIceParallel pieces were normally created by the artist at the same time as experiments, as artist-choices as to which piece would be supplied to the publisher.
Artistic preference.
In this case, the parallel piece came about because, for reasons the artist has never been able to fathom, unlike his studio's normal and diligent practice, when it came to fulfilling a secondary request from another publisher to supply a transparency of the art, it could not be located in the artist's archive, meaning the only way the request could be fulfilled, since the original version of the painting had been sold, was to re-paint it.
It was an interesting experiment in creating a painting that was like the original but then again not actually like the initial version, an exercise in how to create it again and yet make a new artistic statement.

This second version (on the right side here) is slightly more colour saturated and intense and tree markings and background elements have been enhanced and the very foreground had more detail in it.
The two versions are reproduced in Volume 2 of the SOLAR WIND Book here together with a drawing also done at the time, all experiments in "how best to do things"!
Deborah Susan Jones

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