Solar Wind The Survivors Science Fiction Oil Painting and Limited Edition Print and book of illustrations
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"Orn II"
(From the book "Solar Wind Volume 2")
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor & Contributing writer

A parallel piece in a set of unique paperback covers for an equally unique trilogy by Science Fiction author Piers Anthony.
Completed by the artist on 5th September 1976 it is part of a set of covers he created for the series and the second book in the series which, as sometimes was the case, the artist was so captivated by the storyline he created two versions of the art to explore varying possibilities.
Peter Andrew Jones Solar Wind The Killer MIce The artist says >
"The entire trilogy is encrusted with amazing visuals, it was astonishingly easy to get a buzz from it all and I felt so energised by it that painting it once was not enough to get it out of my system.
"Initially I saw it as a blue-tinged scene to create a feeling of entering a world that was like, but then again not quite, the Earth. At the time time, I envisaged it to be hotter in colour, responding to the idea that Earth, when dinosaurs roamed it, would be steamier, influence by masses on vegetation, even though I also saw it as a beach scene because I also saw it as "life emerging from the oceans" as in prehistoric times.
"Probably, one of the things I have always enjoyed about illustrating science fiction is the almost limitless ways one can respond, artistically."
Deborah Susan Jones

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