Peter Andrew Jones
              Science Ficton & Fantasy Art Inferno
Inferno, a novel by Larry Niven about a Science Fiction writer's walk through Hell,  was the first hardback Science Fiction book cover the Artist created, (for W.H. Allen Publishers in 1977 in London) and it then appeared on subsequent paperback editions around the world. It also led on to other work with the paperback division of W.H. Allen.
The events are etched in the mind of the Artist because of a chance meeting with a Dalek and a meeting in an unusual Art Director's office . . . .  Solar Wind Inferno Peter
                Andrew Jones
"W.H. Allen had a grand set of offices just off London's Park Lane and amongst its various endeavors was the publication of the Doctor Who paperback tie-ins to the TV Series. Outside the entrance to the publisher's office, at the top of the steps down to the street, stood a Dalek. Silver. Black orbs on its sides. Shiny. It felt strange to actually see one in physical form rather than two-dimensional on the TV screen. As I walked down the steps (marble ones that did not rattle or reverberate with footfall) the Dalek's eye probe dropped down and  glared after me - intimidating!
"After a few months, the new paperback imprint, Star Books, needed "cover treatment establishment" and the equally new Art Director phoned to ask me to "come over and see me at the paperback division" and duly gave me another upmarket address.
"When I arrived I could not find the door to "the office" - because there wasn't one! Puzzled by being confronted by a corrugated garage door and nothing else I wondered what to do next. While wondering, suddenly, the garage door flew upwards and inside was a very large and quite dark garage with concrete floor and nothing else much, except, a desk with an angle poise lamp on it. 
"Hello. Sorry about the office. We're expanding, and we haven't had time to sort an office yet".
Actually, Peter knew the Art Director from a previous company he'd worked at and so a good laugh was had all round and a goodly number of cover design jobs followed . . . . . . . .

Deborah Vernell Jones

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