Solar Wind Simulacra Oil Painting and Limited Edition Print of a roleplay game illustration

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Bounty Hunter
(From the book "Solar Wind Volume 2")
Sometime around 1977 it became clear that demand for the artist's work was wider than merely creating book covers when requested by UK companies, and that publishers, especially outside the UK, had a demand for the work, and so it was that, initially, the Solar Wind Picture Library was formed as a division of the artist's fairly new company, Solar Wind Limited, and a database of copyrights was set up, lawyers engaged, with the initial concept of re-licensing works first created for UK companies to companies outside the UK, and indeed, that is what transpired many times thereafter.
However, it then became also clear, that such was the demand, even that facility was not enough to satisfy the sheer number of incoming requests for licenses to reproduce his works.
To try to meet the demand, spontaneous pictures were created to provide an "off the shelf" facility when requests were made, simply because it had become impossible to fit any extra commissioned works into the studio schedule.
This painting, an entirely "off the cuff" creation, is perhaps one of the most exotic of the artist's characterisations?
Both the alien and the space vehicle are floating in a zero gravity environment.
Ironically, the picture was never licensed to a publisher so appearance in the book Solar Wind volume 2 is the first time it has ever been seen!
Deborah Susan Jones
Contributing editor

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