Solar Wind Oil Painting and Limited Edition Print Deep Space

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"Colony Ship"
(From the book "Solar Wind" Volume 1)
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor

A painting created exclusively for the SOLAR WIND Anthology in 1979.
In many ways, it is an unusual piece.
At the time, the workload of the Solar Wind Studio was at 100% saturation, but the Artist so wanted to create a piece exclusive to the book that the work hours of the studio were extended to "the maximum any human being could manage" for a two week period of time.
"I was just driven" says the Artist, "I just had to do it, and I didn't even know why, I just knew I had to do it".
It was also an opportunity to create a somewhat different layout to the standard wraparound book cover structure of the time that shaped the presentation of his work. "Maybe that was why I felt the need to do it. I wasn't restrained by the need to consider book spine widths, back cover copy (text) indeed, even front cover copy, I could, literally, just do it and please myself".
Ironically, though some years later, it did end up on a book cover!

"It was used on an Isaac Asimov title, "Nemesis", and it worked very well!

"The picture library division of my company was approached by Meulenhoff bv in Holland who I had worked with for many years, and I thought "It'll be an opportunity to see what a publisher does with an image placed on a book (cover) that was specifically designed to ignore all the contemporary rules that governed the creation of book cover art at that time" and indeed, the addition of the book's title typography, presenting the prowess of Asimov as such a highly recognised writer, held resolve the manner in which an image, expressly designed not to work on the front cover of a book in fact, works perfectly on the cover of the book!".
"Sometimes, you just have to take risks to advance your portfolio, your creativity, indeed, even branch out by doing something that you don't even know why you are doing it at the time, just obeying your gut reaction, a reaction to, well, you might not even know on a conscious level?"
"After I took the decision (in 1999) to "go self-published" I realised partly it was because I wanted to explore this direction much more fully, and these days, I certainly endeavor not to over think concepts (not that I ever really did come to think of it) (pun!) and, even though friends and I discuss "the nature of one's creativity" fairly frequently, I'm not sure we ever really come to any resting point other than "I feel the need to do it, so I do".
"If it ain't broke, don't fix it".
Deborah Susan Jones

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