Solar Wind Heroes & Villains Oil Painting and Limited Edition Print of a roleplay game illustration

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Looking for a Flame
(From the book "Heroes & Villains")
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor
M.Y.T.H. Inc.. in Action
Originally for the cover of a book By Robert Asprin, created for Jiri Emmer at Perseus Books in The Czech Republic and renamed by Peter "Looking for a Flame" after he did more development work on it afterwards "because I always really liked the picture" and released it as a print. It is done in oils on fairly thick wood panel.
Nakladatelství: Perseus
Autor:  Robert Lynn Asprin
Autor obálky:  Peter Andrew Jones
Překlad:  Pavel Vohlídka
Počet stran:  176
Rok vydání:  1998
ISBN:  80-86030-38-5
Jazyk:  čeština
Vazba:  brožovaná
Formát:  165 x 105 mm
Originální název:  M.Y.T.H. Inc. In Action
Publisher: Perseus
Author: Robert Lynn Asprin
Cover Author: Peter Andrew Jones
Translated by Pavel Vohlídka
Number of pages: 176
Release Year: 1998
ISBN: 80-86030-38-5
Language: Czech
Binding: Paperback
Format: 165 x 105 mm
Original title: M.Y.T.H. Inc.. in Action
A classic green dragon in a castle, the colours bright and vivacious yet also moody and dank as you'd expect to find in any decent dungeon and the slightly comic character of the dragon introduced a hitherto untried aspect of Peter's talent, the injection of humour. It is very moreish and though the Artist has always liked it we have always been so busy we had not actually published it before but eventually we decided to test run it as greetings cards, for a local retailer here. One thing leads to another and thus it is that following a request for more cards and requests for the image as a print we decided to include it in the print catalogue.
It is full of characterisation and detail.
Full of life.
The images done for Perseus Books were all similarly blessed with a humorous touch and proved very popular .
Here are just a few >

Peter Andrew Jones Perseus Books Czech Republic
Deborah Susan Jones

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