Oil Painting and Limited Edition Print of Blackberries in Shropshire

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It's more fun than you think painting rural art!
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor

Every year, in September into October, our less than carefully tended Blackberry patch, which we keep cut back but otherwise left to grow as it wishes, yields enough fruit to facilitate a couple of gallons of beautiful homemade wine. We spoil ourselves with this particular wine by making it with Shropshire Honey rather than sugar, which is expensive but well worth it, giving a lovely mellow and fruity taste to the finished wine.
In addition, the patch yields, along with the Dandelions that grow around the garden in the Spring, a decent crop of tea, the leaves carefully washed and dried (a challenge as the underside of the leaves are barbed) and then placed in recycled jars in the kitchen.
Blackberries, around the back of the studio, therefore are both fun to paint and drink!
Underpainted in ink onto archival cotton rag, Peter then painted secondary layers, glazing thin coats of acrylic over the ink to for a smooth sheen finish to the entire picture and then completed the image by glazing again, successive layers of oil paint, building up and up until a lightly textured surface presented itself - completed.
To set off the tone and colours in the picture he then created a bespoke frame, matching the colours of the fruit and stems and using the repellent nature of a first oil paint coating to repel a secondary wash of acrylic and then using the handle of a small brush to "squiggle" the paint to create a beautifully textured multi-coloured and toned detailed appearance.
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