Wildlife and Landscape Art Painintgs of Shropshire and The Marches
The Nightwatch.
This is an image of a "screech owl" or better known as a Barn Owl, part of Peter's South Shropshire rural imagery. The bird was knocked down on the roadway and then stuffed and given to us for setting down in paint because it was so beautiful. It is a popular image for us everywhere.
Peter took the barn from one he had observed at Bishops Castle, a very rural township about one hour's journey from here in Church Stretton. It is a fascinating place, full of character and wildlife. Certainly a place to paint.
The owl sits motionless as is their wont, waiting for prey. They are still and silent for so long that a sudden movement, a sudden swoop, leaves the mouse or chosen nourishing creature without a way out and their life is cut short all too quickly.
Our garden is a prime place for Owls, Barn Owls or any other, because it is situated against a wooded hillside and we have heard them frequently.
Very romantic!
I love Owls: their large eyes, they way they blink, their stare, their exquisite feathers and plumage and, most of all, their patience. The Barn Owl is quite common across all Britain, common in the Owl family and also as a bird. It is referred to as the common Barn Owl and found, except for the polar and dessert regions and some others and this Owl has the family name Tyto alba.
Peter painted the image with love and attention to detail because he was so smitten with the beauty of the creature and it occupies a place of importance in our catalogue. We know that it is liked by any number of people who have perhaps seen it flying over areas of open ground or areas which contain its prey of rodents; small vertebrates or large invertebrates or whatever seizes its fancy! Perhaps you will enjoy perusing the picture too, to take in the detail an colourings. Rural artwork is a key genre represented in our portfolio, living as we do in the very midst of it, works we are delighted to share with you.
Painted in oil and acrylic on wood panel, it evokes the mood and serenity of the landscape and we show it to you here as part of our RURAL DREAMS portfolio and appears in out book "PAINTINGS OF SOUTH SHRPSHIRE" which you can see here.

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