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Peter Andrew Jones Tales From The Wood Peter Andrew
                          Jones Affetti Peter Andrew Jones Simulacra Peter Andrew Jones Solar Wind Peter Andrew Jones Heroes & Villains Peter Andrew
                          Jones Crux Millennium Peter Andrew Jones
                          Coolbabes Peter Andrew Jones
                          Portreto Peter Andrew Jones Rural Dreams Peter Andrew Jones
                          Forever Rainbows Peter Andrew Jones
                          Urban Recall Peter Andrew Jones Painted Eagles
About Limited Edition Prints

e-mail us here to request ANY picture as a print, because . . . .

With nearly 45 year professional history of painting pictures you'll appreciate there's many hundreds of images in our picture library, well over 1000.
And more being created/added all the time!
So it's really not possible, from a studio workload aspect, to provide shopping links for every image and every size and permutation of possibilities.
So - choose any picture, and e-mail us to request a purchase link.
When we started selling prints getting on for 20 years ago, and the web had slow download speeds and small hosting storage, it was simple.
Meaning, we could only show a few.
Now, with broadband etc in theory we could show everything, but workload-wise (shop cart programming etc) it's just impossible, managing this data-entry monster would swamp studio time, so no new pictures would get created,
So, just e-mail us here and "just ask for the print/picture you want" (quote a catalogue number if you have one but don't worry if to don't) and we can put up a shop cart link for whichever you want or if you are in the UK you can even just pop a cheque in the post if you wish.
There's no UK VAT or SALES TAX.
There's no delivery/shipping charge for standard delivery.
    Express shipping is charged at cost.
The available sizes
to the nearest approximate size/proportion that fits/suits
as dictated by the original painting, are >
9 x 19 inches (23x48.25 cms) = 130

- editions of 50 only (yes, really, ONLY 50 copies!)
If you have any questions not covered by the above information
just e-mail us here and we can get your print sorted for you!
Thank you.


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