Oil Painting and Limited Edition Print of Caer Caradoc in Snow in The Shropshire Hills

A Winter's Walk
Christmas time in Church Stretton in the Shropshire Hills!
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor
The view of Caer Caradoc at the northern end of Watling Street.
With its Ancient British Iron Age or late Bronze Age hill fort (at the top left summit  in this view) it is easy, on a winter's walk in the romantic snow, to allow one's mind to wander in the local legend of being the site of the last stand of British King Caractacus against the mighty Legions of Rome during the Roman conquest of Britain, so that allegedly, after the battle, he hid in the cave near its summit, though another local legend says it is, in fact, "Merlin's cave" so one can choose one's own legend to dream of while trudging through the thick crunchy snow.
As a child, living in the bleak cold urban grey winters of north London the child artist painted snow scenes of imagined rural countryside scenes every Christmas and here he found himself, decades later, painting the real thing!
The artist decided, on Christmas morn, to do the romantic thing, so often talked about in magazines and the like and portrayed in classic movies but rarely actually embarked upon, and go for a walk in the snow in the countryside and take notes for a classic snow scene painting.
Far too cold to stop and sketch, the artist, using an early mobile phone, took snaps of the key colours intended to be painted by shooting a colour palette of snow colour variations, from freshly fallen to deeply trudged and of sky and vegetation.
Back at the studio he e-mailed himself the colour patches, difficult and very lengthy with early slow mobile technology, and then proceeded to download the images and drag them into am image editing program and then pieced them together in a patchwork arrangement.
He then printed out this swatch card and mixed batches of oil paint to match the colours on the printed card to use as a palette guide for creating the painting enabling him to create the very classic picture he'd always created, since a child, but this time using actual rather than imagined information., a personally very satisfying finale to so long a project.
The frame for the painting was also colour matched using the same method.
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor

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