Oil Painting and Limited Edition Print of The Carding Mill Valley in The Shropshire Hills

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It's more dangerous than you think painting rural art!
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor
This is the view from the top (and I do mean the top) of the railway bridge at Church Stretton railway station. In an effort to get a unique view Peter climbed up on top of the parapet of the cast iron bridge. The parapet is only at best a foot and a half wide!
"Looking back, I realise this was very dangerous." he said and certainly it was. It's easy to get carried away when fired-up with enthusiasm.
"In any event this is a view of the famous Long Mynd hill in Shropshire, England, part of the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Long Mynd or "Long Mountain" (in Welsh Mynd Hir [ˈmənɪ ˈhiːr] . The Long Mynd runs up and behind Peter's studio and is more typically portrayed in its typical green and brown or purple appearance depending on time of year and  the appearance of Heather or bracken.
This view however is taken on a winter's day when a typical mist, so prevalent in the Stretton gap in winter, is drifting in front of the hill whilst snow has fallen and a break in the heavy cloud has suddenly appeared.
Living at the bottom of the Long Mynd is a special experience, offering limitless inspiration and a vast wild area to explore, and then of course, there are the wild ponies and sheep and Buzzards and now even Red Kites.
Now and then a sheep strays from the common land grazing of the Long Mynd and show up at the back of the studio and once one even was found wandering the supermarket in the center of town! It's an interesting place to live.
Ashes Hollow, Barristers Batch, Bilbatch, Broadhill Dale, Burnells Brook, Callow Hollow, Carding Mill Valley, Catbatch Brook, Cwmdale, Devils Mouth Hollow, Gogbatch, Grindle Hollow. Hawkham Hollow, Hens Batch, High Park Hollow, Jonathon’s Hollow, Light Spout Hollow, Long Batch, Minton Batch, Motts Road, Mount Gutter, New Pool Hollow, Nut Batch, Pike Hollow. Rams Batch, Sleekstone Bank Hollow, Stanbatch, Stony Batch, Townsbrook Valley, Woolers Batch. Yewtree Batch . . . . . how can an artist resist painting places with names like these!
With names like these and the limitless visual inspiration provided by the area, not least of all the Long Mynd, the opportunities for paintings are limitless and if the artist has any difficulty at all it is in deciding which amongst these potential iconic pictures to paint in which order. Then there are decisions as to what size, what proportion the painting should be and thoughts as to how best to show off the work when framed and, well, the list is equally limitless, and so it is that the professional artist has to be disciplined and focused in these matters.
It would indeed be a considerable range of considerations but he never sees it that way.
He just thinks it's fun!
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor

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