Oil Painting and Limited Edition Print of Robbin in Shropshire

"No Cycling Today" (sold out edition)
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor
The butcher's shop.
Have you ever explored small rural towns in search of inspiration? We do it all the time. South Shropshire in the UK  is full of wonderful shops, many family owned and family run. The Butcher;s Shop in this painting is in Ludlow, the most beautiful and distinctive market town in South Shropshire. They sell all manner of local produce: Venison, Game, local Lamb and eggs, all manner of genuine organic foodstuffs. It stood near Woolworths (until Woolworths ceased trading - at time of writing) and the market square which dates back centuries.
Peter was absolutely smitten by this particular butcher which can't have changed much since the 1950s although it gives a feel for Tudor times as well with its distinctive black and white paint livery. Though not timbered it has the feel of ancient times. The local produce in the window and inside whetted his visual appetite and the local staff are very willing and efficient.
As for the pheasants or rabbits which hang outside - that thrilled him! Being London born and bred where such sites were commonplace in his chidhood he was (and is) fascinated by visions of a truly rural past which still exist while such sites have mostly long since gone in his native London.
Painted in oils, he has used fluid brush strokes to bring out the feeling and details of the shop. Touches of Cadmium Barium Red, yellows, cool greys and warn browns with natural colouring from earth pigments. A bicycle for the delivery boy leans up against the wall with its inscription and the door is part open in a welcoming gesture: a pleasing composition and a popular one. Peter has used, as he always does, a conveniently-sized handmade unique framed format which sits well on any wall.
The Butcher's Shop painting sold (it is now sold out) at Pye Powder, our Ludlow picture stockist situated in the area where back in Marches history summary punishments were executed at the Court of Pye Powder (the court of dusty feet). It is an amazing shop, selling as well as paintings and prints, furniture of a quality country style and gifts galore which are highly attractive and also whet the visual appetite.
This butcher's shop is literally on the spot of an historic site of a" Court of Piepowders" (from Old French pied pouldre, literally "dusty feet", meaning an itinerant trader, or pedes pulverizati) which as long ago as The Middle Ages was a special tribunal organised by a borough on the occasion of a fair or market due to the great numbers of people attracted by same, and the instances of disturbances, and officials were authorised to deliver unlimited summary jurisdiction including on disputes between merchants, theft, and acts of violence.
No Cycling Today is painted in oil and framed in a studio-made, uniquely styled and high quality Artist's frame and is unsurpassed in its totality as an original art item. Indeed, its is "decidedly different".
As it is now sold out you can only buy this on the secondary market, if you can locate it . . . . .

Deborah Susan Jones : Editor

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