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About Greetings Cards


If the cards you want are not shown please e-mail us to request!

There is an enormous choice!

Here's why, and how it works >
After 50 + years of professional history of painting pictures you'll appreciate there's many hundreds of images in our picture library, more than 1000.
And more being created/added all the time!
You can pick an assortment of various images from across this website,
    it does not have to be 6 or 12 of any individual image
    just an order for 6 or 12 in total (as an example).

    They are 3.00 per card
    (so that's 18.00 for 6 & 36 for 12).

    We do not charge for delivery in the UK.
    There is a small charge for
delivery to outside the UK (charged at cost).
Just e-mail us here and "just ask for the cards/picture(s) you want" (quote the catalogue numbers (if shown) or just indicate by title or description) and we can send you a payment link or if you are in the UK you can just pop a cheque in the post if you prefer.
Cards are 6 inches (15 cms) square
The image either wraps around to the back of the card
if the front painting is square or vertical, a detail appears on the back.
Envelopes are quality, tough, brown paper.

We started selling greetings cards about a quarter century ago, mainly through shops/stores at the request of local retailers.
This meant, as the vast range of cards grew, we can only show a few.
Now, with broadband etc in theory we could show everything, but workload-wise (shop cart programming etc) it's just impossible, managing this data-entry monster would swamp studio time, so no new pictures would get created,
So, just e-mail us here and "ask for the cards/picture(s) you want" and we can e-mail you a payment link or if you are in the UK you can just pop a cheque in the post, as you wish.

Thank you.

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