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Pinterest sent me another e-mail this morning.
suggesting more "pins" I might like to see.

Would I be interested in seeing this "pin'?

Well, I get to see it every day . . . . framed on my studio wall.

Peter Andrew Jones Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Blog

Meanwhile . . . .
My daily exercise was calling,
balanced against too much time
spent in front of the easel. . . . . .

The Water Rat was stretching, stretching, stretching, massaging the twinges and cramp from his arms, legs and feet.

The Toad and the Frog played Leap Frog and hopscotch, afterwards competing against one another to find which could spring highest, which could leap furthest and which could perform somersaults, without a pause, down the stone pathway, across the lawn to the edge of the wood....

The Witch was using her smallest cauldron, today.
The fire, built with dry splintered tree bark and twigs, had taken forever to get going, let alone burn fierce hot.....

The Wizard landed. A sight to behold?!
He was dressed in thigh length waterproof boots, calf length crimson cloak and squashed, crumpled hat.

He was clutching a spell book, his spectacles, and a fresh laundered handkerchief.

The Unicorn rarely visited these cold winter days.
The grass was too wet, the soil too boggy.
Instead, he returned daily to a favourite destination - one of the five dwarf planets, Ceres.
What he found to graze upon, no one can even guess?!

The Flower Faeries were bereft, the garden felt empty.
The Elves, Imps and Pixies, felt otherwise, however.

There was more room to spread out, more room to lark round, to spread their wings, so to speak....

My sister, by the by, had informed me that she would not be back till the Elves, Imps and Pixies had been brought under control.

Her car was too precious....

Debbie & Peter



It's back !
Lovely palette suggestion.

Enjoying the semi-monochrome black-green-white panorama.

Almost worth putting up with the cold  . . . . brrrrrr!!

Peter Andrew Jones Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Blog

Meanwhile . . . .
A tidy-up effort had been required . . . . . .

The pond had been cleared of debris, the lawn cleared of fallen leaves, of twigs and small branches, of rubbish and plastic bags blown in by high winds, driving rain.

The Head Gardener and his underlings were relieved to see the back of it.

They were indulging in mugs of scalding hot tea and biscuits, hand made by the Cook, following a secret recipe of her Great great great Grandmother's.

The Elves, Imps and Pixies had ridden out the storm in the kitchen and later, down in the wine cellar where they broke open my bottles of choice wine....

The Flower Faeries had been invited by the Owl to share his Oak tree abode.
Impossible to venture out in such godawful weather.

The Witch and the Wizard, riding the Unicorn and following in the Dragon's wake, were light years away in the stillness of Space.

The Ogre hadn't heard the thunder, hadn't seen the sheet lightening.
Had been unaware of the gale force wind, which had lifted trees by their roots and smashed them into the earth.

The Weasel, the Stoat and the Mole had burrowed deep beneath the soil.

The Frog, Toad and Water Rat could be found in a guest room bathroom, which still contained an old fashioned Victorian bath, hand basin and lavatory....

There were bats in the attic, Mouse, Spider and Fly in the attic corridor and the cats were asleep in front of the Library's open fireplace....


Debbie & Peter



Ha !
Pinterest sent me an e-mail this morning, and not for the first time . . . ..
suggesting "pins" I might like to see.

Apparently, according to the e-mail, I might be interested in this picture?

Certainly it has happy memories for me, so, unintended though it was -
yes, I was happy to have it brought to my attention today!

Peter Andrew Jones Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Blog

So, maybe, out in the Magick Garden,
things aren't as crazy as I tend to think?

The storm had passed, the garden was a wetland, fit for fishing bats, tadpoles, water bugs and water birds....

The Frog, Toad and Water Rat were in seventh heaven, the Elves, Imps and Pixies wading through the water up to their chests, hooted with glee and splish splashed each other.

The Flower Faeries perched upon a branch of the Oak.
The Owl put on his spectacles and read "Tales from the Wood."

The Witch was still somewhere "out there, up there," reveling in the noiselessness and never ending expanse, the eternity,  the infinity of the Universe upon Universe.

The Wizard had turned back, uneasy, disquieted, by the lack of hoopla, the absence of discord?!

The Unicorn and the Dragon had moonlight business to execute, for which they must reach the outermost ring of the planet, Saturn.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," as the saying goes....

Debbie & Peter



It's back !
White light on the Acer tree, sprinkled with snow.

Pondering again . . . . . could I manage to paint that effect ? ! ?

Peter Andrew Jones Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Blog

"Lawks a mussy,"shrieked the housemaid, trotting quickly down the staircase.
"There's a Mouse in your bedroom and it is sitting upon your pillow!"

"There is a Mouse which lives in a hole in the wainscot, I replied, "somewhere either in the attics or along the bedroom corridor."

"Along with the Spider and a live in Fly, the Mouse is considered by me to be a valued member of this household...."

"Dearie me,"murmured the housemaid.

The Witch, when I went out to the garden, was standing, shoulders hunched, beside her cauldron. The expression etched upon her face was grim, indeed choleric.
Trouble brewing for someone, somewhere, I thought?!

The Wizard coasted in on his magick carpet and, without warning, her temper exploded....

Debbie & Peter


Blog article >
The writings of Andre Norton
The art of Peter Andrew Jones


by Pedro Panhoca, our Brazilian game development partner >

Enjoy his full blog @

Peter Andrew Jones Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Blog

On February 20th, 2005, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, which first honoured it with the Grand Master Award in 1984, announced the creation of the Andre Norton Award, to be awarded annually to a fine work of fantasy or fiction for the adult literature market, beginning with the 2005 publications. Often called "Great Dame of Science Fiction and Fantasy" by some biographers, Andre Norton wote novels for more than 70 years. She had a profound influence across the genre, having more than 300 published titles read by at least four generations of readers and writers of science fiction and fantasy, having influenced notable authors such as Greg Bear, Lois McMaster Bujold, CJ Cherryh, Cecilia Dart-Thornton, Tanya Huff,  Mercedes Lackey, Charles de Lint, Joan D. Vinge, David Weber, KD Wentworth and Catherine Asaro.

Some covers made by Peter Andrew Jones can also be checked, which revolutionary like Andre Norton, also knew how to innovate in what he makes and makes best.



Blog article >
The writings of Andre Norton
The art of Peter Andrew Jones


by Pedro Panhoca, our Brazilian game development partner >

Enjoy his full blog @

Peter Andrew Jones Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Blog

As Norton's health became uncertain, she moved to Winter Park, Florida, in November 1966, here  she remained until 1997. In 1976, Gary Gygax invited Norton to play Dungeons & Dragons in his Greyhawk world. Norton later wrote "Quag Keep," the first novel to be set at least in part in the Greyhawk scenario and the first to be based on D & D. She moved to Murfreesboro, Tennessee in 1997, and was under palliative care from February 21, 2005.

She died at her home on March 17, 2005 of congestive heart failure. Her last full-length novel, “Three Hands for Scorpio”, was published on April 1, 2005. In addition to "Return to Quag Keep", Tor Books published two more novels with Norton and Rabe credited as co-authors, "Dragon Mage "(November 2006) and" Taste of Magic "(January 2008). The five novels of Cycle of Oak, “Yew”, “Ash and Rowan”, “To the King a Daughter”, “Knight or Knave”, “The Crown Disowned”, “Dragon Blade” and “The Knight of the Red Beard” were written with Sasha Miller.



Blog article >
The writings of Andre Norton
The art of Peter Andrew Jones


by Pedro Panhoca, our Brazilian game development partner >

Enjoy his full blog @

Peter Andrew Jones Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Blog

In 1950 Andre Norton retired due to health problems, working for Gnome Press, a small science fiction publishing house in New York City. She remained there until 1958, when she became a full-time professional writer - with 21 published novels, among them "The People of the Crater", "Huon of the Horn" and "Star Man's Son." She wrote over a dozen series of speculative fiction, but her longest and most ambitious project was "Witch World," which began in 1963 and later became a shared universe used by other writers.

She was nominated twice for the Hugo Award in 1964 for the novel "Witch World," in 1967 for the novel "Wizard's World," three times for the World Fantasy Award for the ensemble, finally winning the award in 1998, regularly set up searches as the "best year" of the Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel. She was one of the founding members of the Swordsmen and Sorcerers' Guild of America (SAGA), a group of authors of Heroic Fantasy founded in the 1960s, led by Lin Carter, being the only woman among the original eight members.



Blog article >
The writings of Andre Norton
The art of Peter Andrew Jones


by Pedro Panhoca, our Brazilian game development partner >

Enjoy his full blog @

Peter Andrew Jones Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Blog

Also known by her pseudonyms Andrew North, Allen Weston and especially Andre Alice Norton (born Alice Mary Norton on February 17, 1912 and died in March 17, 2005), she was an American fiction and fantasy writer who also wrote books of historical fiction and contemporary fiction. She was the first woman to win the Gandalf Grand Master of Fantasy, SFWA Grand Master and first nominated for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame. Her career began at Collinwood High School under the tutelage of Miss Sylvia Cochrane. She was the publisher of a literary page in The Collinwood Spotlight newspaper for which she used to write short stories. During this period, she wrote her first book, “Ralestone Luck”, which was published as her second novel in 1938.

Depression in 1932 forced her to abandon her dream of being a teacher and began working for the Cleveland Library System, where she remained for 18 years. In 1934, she changed her name to Andre Alice Norton to increase her marketing, since men were the main audience of fantasy books. Her first book - "The Prince Commands" - was published that year.




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Peter Andrew Jones Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Blog

Meanwhile . . .
after a hard day's work,
out in the evening magick studio garden . . . .

The Elves, Imps and Pixies had woken.

T'was late in the day.... was there time enough left to carry out their A-1 tricks, to engineer confusion, chaos, pandemonium?

The snag?

The Dragon had draped itself across the garden, watching them.

Upon his back rode the Wizard, in his rôle of Watchman or Security Guard or Policeman.

The choice was his....

The Ogre had returned to the fold, made peace with the family and given a bed.

The birds of Rhiannon had visited briefly to give the news that they'd return on New Year's Eve to entertain the garden residents to a splendiferous vocal concert.

The Flower Faeries would prepare food treats and wine or champers, the Witch cast spells for gifts to be distributed amongst everyone.

The Owl would be persuaded to attend, to forego flying abroad to find a tasty morsel to dine on.

The garden residents were over the moon.

There was naught better than celebrating something or t'other, anything, anytime....

Debbie & Peter


Extract from this month's double-offers newsletter(s).

"Snap Deals" on iconic pieces - good for 30 days only.

Get them before they're gone . . . . .

Peter Andrew Jones Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Blog

Meanwhile . . . .
after a hard day's work,
out in the evening magick studio garden . . . .

Late last night, the weather being clement, I went out to the garden to smoke a cigar.

I wandered awhile, then decided to sit.
Turning about, I made a beeline toward the Oak.

As I approached, I perceived that the bench was already occupied by the Goblin and Gremlin.

They sat there composedly, swinging their legs and puffing upon long, thin Goblin-friendly cheroots.

The presence of the Ghosts and Spectres, the ghostly Wolves and Wolverines, appeared to discommode them not one jot.

They dropped ash on the grass and blew smoke in the faces of those creatures that strayed or lingered too near them.

They did agree, however, to move along the bench and allow me to sit awhile to enjoy my cigar.

We finished our smoke, bid one another a goodnight.
Re-entering the house, I went upstairs....
to find the Elves, Imps and Pixies playing Poker on the landing outside my bedroom....

Debbie & Peter


"EN PLEIN AIR" (off the cuff)

Stage three - close-up.

Still wondering where will it go . . . . . ?

Peter Andrew Jones Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Blog

Meanwhile . . . .
out in the magick studio garden . . . .

The Witch was filing her talon like finger nails.

These she dealt with herself; the hair style for the incoming Faerie Land new year, she would delegate to the Witches' Premier Hair Salon.

She had booked an appointment, too, for a facial and head massage.

Fittings at the Witches' artful Designer of Dresses and Cloaks, would follow and lastly, a new pair of winter boots, a scarf and a pointed hat.

She felt, at this point, that she'd look finer than every other member of "her" Witches' Coven....

To add perfection to perfection, to create ultimate perfection, she'd ride to the meeting sidesaddle upon a stunningly accoutred Unicorn?!

The Faerie Land new year outshone even her expectations....

Debbie & Peter


"EN PLEIN AIR" (off the cuff)

It's great, to go where one has never been before.

Stage three - experimentation!

Where will it go . . . . . ?

Peter Andrew Jones Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Blog

Meanwhile . . . .
out in the magick studio garden . . . .

The Elves, Imps and Pixies were being treated to afternoon tea, prepared and served by the Housekeeper and Cook.

These hardworking ladies were determined to distract them from causing further angst, strife and turbulence.

The Ogre squelched his way across the lawn to see what was happening.

To poke his nose in and inevitably find fault, disapprove.

The Flower Faeries had hitched a lift on the Witch's broomstick to visit "family" in the Lands of Emollient Creams.

The atmosphere would be soothing to their lacerated nerves for, even patient, long suffering Flower Faeries such as they hit  the buffers when it came to those  pestilential pests....

The Weasel, Stoat and Mole were gone to the races, watching from under the race course fence....

Debbie & Peter


"EN PLEIN AIR" (off the cuff)


Stage one (second session).

More to come (obviouslly).

Peter Andrew Jones Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Blog

Meanwhile . . . .
out in the magick studio garden . . . .

The Gremlin was toasting his hands  before the fire.
He had chilblains upon his feet which he'd immersed in warm, soapy water.

The Goblin had assured him that he'd complete his tasks PDQ and visit with him for company asap., thereafter.

The Mermaid was, today, resplendent, in fish tailed body suit.
T'was too cold to cover only her lower back, bottom and those long slender legs....
(Yes, she did, or so it seemed, indeed, possess a pair of legs!)

The Weasel and Stoat were pulling their friend and companion upon a sleigh.
The wobbly sigledig Mole too wibbly wobbly to plough a path through an heavy winter snowfall....

The Frog and the Toad and the Water Rat were apparelled in their best bib and tucker....
Classic Plus fours, striped shirt, cravat, co-respondent shoes and gaiters.

To complete this picture of elegance and refinement, the trio wore galoshes and protective snow shoes....

The stuff of fashion designers, models and catwalk.

Debbie & Peter


"EN PLEIN AIR" (off the cuff)

Sometimes, I like to "just start" on a painting.

Sometimes, I like to "just turn my usual process upside down".

So . . . . here we go.

It's a miniature (that's new for me, yes?)

It is triggered by sight of a cobweb in the garden.

It'll have "some sort of creature" sitting in it.

I've no idea (at this stage) what or who.

That's why it's fun . . . . . .

Peter Andrew Jones Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Blog

Meanwhile . . . .
out in the magick studio garden
where the cobweb was seen . . . .

The Spider resisted the temptation to tease the Fly by asking him in dulcet tones to, "Come into my parlour web, and I will give you tea...."

The Mouse would surely have put his foot down.

"Suspicious" was his middle name?!

The Fly shot the breeze with them, a while, then, buzzed downstairs to the kitchen quarters.

Here, he found the Cook preparing custard cream biscuits and treacle tartlets.

Time to raise one's game, t'was, and drive the lady up the wall....

If the plan went without a hitch, without a glitch, without a snaffu, the Fly would get a welcome snack and, to boot, leave a jaunty, cock a snook signature on the tartlets and the biscuits....

Debbie & Peter



More magick !
Wonderful light on the Acer tree at the front of the studio.

Pondering . . . . . could I manage to paint that effect ? ! ?

Peter Andrew Jones Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Blog

Meanwhile . . . .
out in the magick studio garden . . . .

Market day had been fruitful for all those who shopped, the produce plenteous and fresh, the company, boffo.... for grins!

Obtaining a seat in the returning bus turned out to be a scrum, with much pushing, shoving, jostling and barging.

The local Witches traveled by broomstick, the Faeries flew and one could beg, borrow or steals farm cart, or cycle - if you knew how....

The Ogre was a beneficiary when it came down to brass tacks, his breakfasts still more plentiful, scrumptious, satisfactory....

The Dragon appeared daily overhead.

He had warm memories of growing up in this magickal garden which, once in a blue moon, he remembered.

The aged Goblin occasionally visited and the Queens of the woodlands and of Faerie Land paid duty calls when the mood took them - a rare event....

The Lord Chamberlains and/or the Lord High, (and mighty), Sheriffs in the Land, kept an eagle eye upon the 'goings on' and kept lists in their record books.

The day before yesterday the Elves, Imps and Pixies kept out of mischief.

Oh so friendly they were.

Yesterday and today they made up for the short fall.

When the Dragon dropped anchor, above the garden, so to speak, what he saw caused him to lose his cool.

The Elves were putting together a number of homemade traps.

For what purpose and for whom was irrelevant.

When their task was complete, they nipped around the garden, placing the traps strategically so as to be hidden, but to snap shut tightly round the ankle of whomever was caught, fixing the imprisoned one to the spot.

The Dragon shot away to collect a small army of Dragon friends and acquaintances, rallying them behind him and leading them down to the garden.

Traveling like torpedoes, they were quickly in place, just where their retaliatory actions would score most effectively.

They scored 100 %....

The Elves, Imps and Pixies were then marched round the garden to step on the traps and imprison themselves with little expectation of rescue....

Che guai!!

Debbie & Peter



Magick !

Peter Andrew Jones Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Blog

Meanwhile . . . .
out in the magick studio garden . . . .

The market was humming with business.

The Coffee House and Tea Room were chockablock, too.

The Goblin and Gremlin were partaking of lemonade and coffee and walnut cake, the Witch sipped camomile tea and nibbled fruit and nut biscuits.

The Weasel, the Stoat and the Mole were seated by the river, throwing Pooh sticks and flipping pebbles through the water in friendly, companionable silence.

The Frog and the Toad and the Water Rat had pottered into the wood to the pond.

The Mermaid greeted them with a wave and a smile and, diving off her stone into the icy cold water, left it free for whichever of them got to it first.

The woodland witch soon appeared, armed with a wand, a spell book and her broom.

She was followed by the Ogre, who was carrying her cauldron.

She filled the cauldron with pond water, poured into it a magick potion.

Forthwith the woodland glade was filled with the incense of roses.

And a shower of multi coloured rose petals cascaded down from the gentle clouds of Fantasy....

Debbie & Peter



Shipping now!
Peter Andrew Jones Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Blog

Meanwhile . . . .
out in the magick studio garden . . . .

The Pagan jig that the Elves, Imps and Pixies danced was registered in the "Memories" tome as a spectacle unforgettable....

It was talked of for days.

The Witch, the Wizard and the Wizard's forgetful friend could be glimpsed through the trees surrounding the glade in the wood, practicing pointing and flexing their feet, raising upon demi pointe, pliéing, springing and jumping?!

The Unicorn was to perform a magickal, sans rider, Dressage set to the music of wind in the trees.

The performance included a flurry, a gust, a cyclone, a whirlwind.

Gradually building t'wards the crescendo of?

The French mistral ....
Attention! S'il vous plaît.
Trouver refuge.

Debbie & Peter


(but what's not to like ? ! ?)

Mega-shipping week ensures . . . . . !
(on a freezing cold day, so ,nice to be in the print room!).
Peter Andrew Jones Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Blog

Out in the magick studio garden,
a post New Year stroll
has produced a chilly outcome . . . . .
Solar Wind Volume one 2 Peter Andrew Jones
The Mermaid was numb, chilled to the bone, although earlier in the day, she had been for an underwater swim, anticipating that a certain warmth still remained the lower depths of the pond.


The Frog, the Toad and the Water Rat, too, dived into the water and shot out, pronto quick....

The Flower Faeries were dressed in long gossamer dresses, winter coatees, Faerie boots, woolly hat, scarf and gloves.

The Elves, Imps and Pixies were holed up in the house basement wine cellar.
T'was ominously quiet.
I felt in my bones that a look see was necessary.
Underlined three times....

The Witch and the Wizard had built a substantial wood fire.
It crackled and popped, streaking flashes of flame shooting hither, thither and yon.

Having tracked the Elves, Imps and Pixies to chosen lair of the wine cellar, I ordered them upstairs and out to the garden.

Once outside, they stampeded t'wards the fire, stamped their feet, clapped their hands and
began dancing an Irish jig.


Debbie & Peter
Peter Andrew Jones Simulacra White Witch of Bala Lake Limited edition Hamdmade Book



Happy New Year to you all !
(if you are up yet?)
Peter Andrew Jones Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Blog

If New Year's reveling has got to you,
take heart, you are not the only ones . . . .
Solar Wind Volume one 2 Peter Andrew Jones
The magick garden pests.... the Elves were bleary eyed - zapped.

Their antics on New Year's Eve had been exhausting for them and nerve shattering for their fellow residents of both house and garden.

I lay in bed debating as to whether or not, to stay put.

The Imps and the Pixies had repaired to the attic, gaffed-off with their self seeking, self absorbed colleagues.

The Spider, the Mouse and the zippo Fly, sought alternate accommodation, because one never knew whether the unmagickal creatures they wished to befriend, would decide that they were pests and expunge them.

The Witch had forwarded a telepathic message to explain that she, the Wizard and the Explorer Unicorn were lost having taken the high road, not the low road and discovered t'was a gaffe....

Debbie & Peter
Heroes and Villains Volume one 1 Peter Andrew Jones



All the very best for the coming year.
Peter Andrew Jones Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Blog

So, chilly as it is, icy though it may be,
we wave our magick wands, and
rush with energy into the wheel of the year!
Solar Wind Book Peter Andrew Jones

Tales of Shattered Earth Peter Andrew Jones
A snow flurry!

Choo, choo....

Snowmen and icicles, toboggans and sleighs, snow shoes and short, wide skis.

The Goblin delighted in cross country skiing, the Gremlin in skating, (a trifle prosaically)....

The Flower Faeries revelled in riding upon snowflakes, rain drops and sliding down rainbows when they were not too busy....

The Witch built statuesque bonfires to keep "her" garden family, warm.

These bonfires were, without exemption, safe, being magickally assembled, the flames shooting high were a virtual reality, the smoke translucent, odourless, the warmth incandescent!

The Mermaid was, pro tempore, imprisoned.

Sealed beneath a thin layer of ice.

Pinned by sticky tape to a rock was a note, which read - "I am out, not in.

Leave a message, or wait...."

Debbie & Peter
Simulacra - Goddess of The Birth Moon Peter Andrew Jones