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This is an overview of drawing techniques used by the artist.

You can read a detailed article about the history of the artist's drawings here

Graphite (pencil)
Usually, and historically since 1970, the artist has drawn on Ivory Board, a smooth white thin card, originally called "Dutch Ivory Board" when purchased from the internal shop at st. Martins School of Art (1969-1974) and then later after he'd graduated from whatever art supplier could be found and currently from a local supplier.
As a variant to this process, he would, and does, sometimes draw on hot pressed papers and very occasionally on rough watercolour papers for special effects.
The artist uses the entire range of grades of pencils and typically from 4H to 9B.

An ancient form of drawing technique dating back to times preceding the invention of the modern pencil as we have come to know it with all it's convenience, metalpoint consists of drawing (or more accurately "scratching") into a gesso ground, usually on paper of wood panel, with a metal wire, typically silver wire but the artist also uses copper and pure gold.
A thin piece of wire is held in drawing implement similar to a clutch pencil, a modern refinement of the traditional method of tying the wire between two pieces of stick with string.
Scratching the surface of the ground with the wire leaves a metal deposit in the ground which eventually oxidizes and as such tends to darken with time.
Metalpoint drawing requires a strict discipline as lines cannot easily be erased.

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